We need you to be part of history in saving the bilby by helping fund our Charleville bilby breeding facility upgrade. Please donate today so we can start these works in early 2021.

The Charleville breeding facility has so far bred 19 new bilbies this year and it is reasonable to assume that a doubling of the facility size would enable us to manage double the number of breeding pairs.

This upgrade will be a huge step towards our goal of having free-living bilbies in protected reserves across Australia, to the point where we have an insurance population of 10,000 bilbies.

But to achieve this, the Charleville complex needs to have more capacity while also continuing to ensure good conditions are provided to all bilbies within the facility.

In total, we are looking to raise $140,000 this Christmas to not only begin work, but get another step closer to funding this upgrade's completion. Get involved and give our beloved Aussie battler the best chance coming into the new year to re-populate throughout Australia. Please donate today.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Give $50

- Five new creching and breeding pens

- New nesting boxes

- Hospital extension

- Microchip readers

- Scales

- Plus more equipment

Give $75

Your gift will help upgrade the current facility, helping cover costs of:

- Seven new catch up/feeder trap pens

- Heating systems

- New bedding

Give $100

Your gift will help cover essential ongoing costs, such as:

- A new part-time keeper to look after the additional bilbies

- Bilby food (kibble and live food)