Save the Bilby Fund 

This is your chance to help save a species

"The bilby is facing the threat of extinction and without your help, we’re at risk of losing this Aussie icon forever.

We've ended the financial year with a very successful appeal raising $50,000 to support the release of bilbies into Currawinya National Park. Thanks to amazing supporters like you. But the work to save the bilby is ongoing...

In order to give this precious animal a fighting chance, we need to build up bilby numbers in safe and secure locations and protect our last remaining wild populations. But as a small fund with no recurrent government funding, we need your support to make it happen.

Please donate today so that we can once again have bilbies thriving as part of our unique Australian landscape."

Your sincerely 

Kevin Bradley

CEO Save the Bilby Fund

To find out more about the Fund and bilbies go to savethebilbyfund.org

Save the Bilby Fund is a national charity dedicated to saving the bilby. We are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. Donations over $2 are Tax Deductible in Australia. 

ABN 43 112 980 373  

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What we are doing...

  • Leading the national team to develop and implement the National Bilby Recovery Plan

  • Managing bilby captive breeding and creche-ing at our Charleville facilities which are undergoing an upgrade
  • Engaging and educating people living and travelling in regional Queensland at the Charleville Bilby Centre

  • Conducting numerous activities with schools and the community throughout the year including special events, national competitions and fundraisers
  • Preparing for the reintroduction of bilbies into Currawinya National Park behind the Bilby Fence 

  • Progressing bilby conservation by supporting and undertaking appropriate management practices

  • Running citizen science activities  through our Bilby Tracks program in western Queensland


Mobile  0405 384 351