Operation Baby Bilbies needs you!

We're preparing for the next step in bilby recovery - our intensive bilby breeding program in Charleville. 

Our last appeal held a few months ago was a success and thanks to that we’re making real progress. The upgrade to the bilby breeding and crèche-ing facilities in Charleville is almost complete and the predator-exclusion fence and enclosed area will soon be 'bilby-ready'.  

As part of the Greater Bilby National Recovery Plan, bilbies will be travelling to our Charleville facilties from others around the country. We need to safely move the bilbies to this new home by road and plane and care for them there in larger numbers than ever before. 

This means our husbandry and transport costs for bilbies are going to increase dramatically over the coming months. We also need people on the ground to support and manage this intensive breeding phase. 

To achieve these goals we need to raise $50,000 by 22 December. 

Wild bilby populations are still in decline and will remain under threat until we have safe, secure populations across this vast country. 

Releasing bilbies inside the Bilby Fence at Currawinya and beyond is a critical step to their recovery over the long term. 

But to transport, maintain, breed and crèche enough bilbies for a successful release program is a costly undertaking. 

For this we rely on your generous support, as we don’t receive any recurrent government funding. 

By donating to this appeal you’ll be making a vital contribution to saving the bilby, not just for ourselves but also for future generations to enjoy. ​​​​​​​

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What we are doing... 

  • Leading the national team to develop and implement the National Bilby Recovery Plan

  • Managing intensive breeding and creche-ing at our upgraded Charleville bilby facility
  • Conducting numerous activities with schools and the community throughout the year including special events, national competitions and fundraisers
  • Engaging and educating people living and travelling in regional Queensland at the Charleville Bilby Experience
  • Preparing for the re-release of bilbies into Currawinya National Park behind the Bilby Fence 

  • Committing ourselves to conservation and management practices that help conserve bilbies and other arid zone fauna

  • Running citizen science activities  through our Bilby Tracks program in western Queensland