Please donate before the end of this tax year so that we can release 20 more bilbies to the wild.

Save the Bilby Fund have successfully released 6 bilbies into Currrawinya National Park – in the four weeks that they have been in their new habitat, they have already nearly doubled their population!

We need to release another 20 bilbies now.

We were all very nervous about the first 6 to leave the creche but they have surpassed our expectations and are adapting very well to life in a fenced wild facility.


It is now critical to introduce a further 20 animals to properly establish this important population with more genetically diverse individuals and get as many bilbies as possible to a free-living, yet closely monitored environment.

We need your help – 20 more bilbies means we need 20 more tail transmitters and tracking equipment including state of the art Data Loggers that are being used to inform important research to assist recovery efforts for bilbies in the wild.

That’s why we are asking you, as a bilby lover and a supporter of our work, please help us pay for the transmitters now and get bilbies out to Currawinya National Park.

We need another 40 tail trackers, chargers and tracking units. Each bilby costs $5,600 to track and the units are another $300 on top of that.  If we can raise $113,800 before the end of the financial year, we know we can release the next group at the beginning of July.


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A donation of $50 will go towards our fuel costs transporting bilbies the five hour drive from the creche at Charleville to the National Park at Currawinya

A donation of $75 will buy a bilby a comfy dark transit box for the trip from the creche at Charleville to Currawinya

A donation of $120 will contribute significantly towards the cost of a tail tracker – we need another 40 VHF tail transmitters and chargers plus a VHF receiver and GPS data loggers. Our shopping list for this comes to $113,800 ex gst ​​​​​​​