Please donate before midnight so that we can release 20 more bilbies to the wild.

Each bilby costs $2,800 to track and we are $8,705 off our goal of $80,000. We want to ensure we can release and monitor as many bilbies as possible at the beginning of July.


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Please chip in!

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A donation of $50 will go towards our fuel costs transporting bilbies the five hour drive from the creche at Charleville to the National Park at Currawinya

A donation of $75 will buy a bilby a comfy dark transit box for the trip from the creche at Charleville to Currawinya

A donation of $120 will contribute significantly towards the cost of a tail tracker – we need another 40 VHF tail transmitters and chargers plus a VHF receiver and GPS data loggers. Our shopping list for this comes to $113,800 ex gst ​​​​​​​