We need your help to fund vital, bilby-saving research. Knowledge around wild bilby populations across Southwest Queensland is essential for our future work and bilby releases. In Queensland, the southwest is the only known area to have persisting wild populations of bilbies.

This job is no small feat—this comprehensive research plans to cover many pastoral properties and some conservation reserves. Funds are needed to fund the practical elements of this work. I need to reach our target before the end of the financial year to help fund:

  • - Vehicle costs ($30K)
  • - Accommodation costs ($3.8K)
  • - Plane and pilot costs ($21.4K)
  • - Vehicle and plane fuel costs ($18K)
  • - Ground survey team costs ($500 per day, 4 people x 25 days = $50K)
  • - Planning and reporting ($4K)

In total, we need to raise $120,000 before the end of financial year to begin this project in 2021.

We all owe it to this beautiful country and its animals to do everything in our power to conserve it for future generations to enjoy. Please donate today.

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The main goal of this research is to understand more about wild bilby populations—where they are thriving, and where they are not—for the success of future generations. 

This work will have the added bonus of helping us understand the genetic diversity needed in all our bilby populations.

This work will also allow us to exchange knowledge with landholders, land managers and species management experts.